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Board of Directors

Colleen Engel, Chair
Town of Teulon

Marilyn Crewe, Vice-Chair
Town of Neepawa

Tammy Dziadek, Past Chair
Community Futures East Interlake

Lana Cowling-Mason, Policy Chair
Community Futures West Interlake

Joel Lemoine, Secretary/Treasurer

Grant Carlson
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

Erin Huck
Health in Common

Christine Landry
Community Futures Manitoba

Paige McDougall
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

Anna Mondor
Beausejour Brokenhead Dev. Corp (BBDC)

Michelle Wazny
Town of Lac du Bonnet

Executive: Colleen Engel, Tammy Dziadek, Joel Lemoine

Communications Committee: Erin Huck, Christine Landry, Paige McDougall, Vern May

Program and Policy: Lana Cowling-Mason, Tammy Dziadek, Erin Huck, Ed Suzuki, Grant Carlson, Becky Cianflone, Penny Schoonbaert, Shaun McKinney

Education: Lana Cowling-Mason, Marilyn Crewe, Tammy Dziadek, Colleen Engel, Anna Mondor