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Membership Tiers

Individual/Practitioner ($150) - Individuals employed in the field of economic development in the province of Manitoba.

Organization ($325)
– Municipal, provincial or federal associations or departments; bodies; societies or institutions; engaged in economic development. Organization members will be entitled to two user licenses which are transferable and which may be used and distributed at the discretion of the organization, only within that organization, and are not vested to any single individual. The organization may apply for additional user licenses ($75 each).

Associate/Corporate ($400) – Any commercial firm interested in the furtherance of the objectives of the Association. Associate/Corporate members do not have the power to vote or hold office. The organization may or may not supply goods or services to EDOs.

Honorary (Free) – Membership is bestowed on individuals who have made significant contributions to the profession and are retired from or no longer practice in the field of economic development. Such membership shall include all the privileges of Individual Membership without the payment of dues.

Student ($50)– Individuals who are enrolled in at least 50% of a full course load at a recognized educational institution in the field of economic development or in a related field of study.

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