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EDO Tool Kit

Welcome to EDAM's EDO Tool Kit. Check back often for more information, tools and resources that may assist you in your economic development initiative. Stay tuned, more to come!

The Recovery and Resiliency Roadmap: A Toolkit for Economic Preparedness: A practical guide that provides strategies and tactics for community leaders to focus on for economic recover and preserving jobs. Partnership of EDA, BCEDA and IEDC.

Economic Development

Best Practices Toolkit - Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education

The Choice Matrix - Easy to find Community Economic Development (CED) tools for you and your project.

Why Economic Development?
Making an Investment: Planning, Timing and Champions

Community Development Planning

Planning for the Future - The Warren Woodlands Sustainable Community Development Plan

Practical Politics Presentation at 2012 Fall Forum

One Minute Elevator Pitch

Getting Project Support

Practical Politics Basics