General Certification (Fee for certification review included in module fees)

Take all 8 core modules. Provide 5 CED project examples that you have been a part of (using the template provided), demonstrating experience / proficiency in at least three different CED skills.

Challenge Certification ($200.00 fee for processing / certification)

Have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in CED and provide 10 CED project examples (as per template provided), demonstrating experience / proficiency in at least 5 CED skills.

CED Project Template will include:

Project title and explanation of project, your role in project, demonstrated skills used on the project and outcomes of the project.

Maintaining your CED Certification

You must be a member in good standing and

  • Attend at least one EDAM / EDAC conference within a 1 year period, or
  • Take 1 advanced Module / EDAM Recognized Training within a 1 year period.

CommunityEdge Program Fees

  • CommunityEdge certification costs $150 per module ($200 / module for non-EDAM members) and includes 8 half-day modules which will be offered by EDAM over a 2 – 3 year time frame.
  • Total cost for 8 modules is $1200 member ($1600 for non-EDAM members) and includes cost for review of CED projects required for certification
  • Municipal Training (A private session facilitated in the community for up to 15 people)
  • $1000. (There will be an additional charge of $150 per person up to a maximum group size of 20).

* Requests for presentations to outside conferences / groups can be made available at a cost of $500 per hour plus expenses of .45 / km (provincial rate), plus accommodations, plus up to $60 per diem with receipts.