The Economic Developers Association of Manitoba (EDAM) streamlines communication and ensures contact and liaison within the economic development profession across the province. We were formed in 1993 as an independent, non-profit, incorporated association of professionals who were directly engaged in economic development in Manitoba.

EDAM is one of several regional and provincial affiliates of the Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC), the national professional organization of economic development practitioners. Through our affiliation with other provincial associations and EDAC, EDAM links its membership to a national network of associations across Canada.

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When I started in Economic Development, it became clear that this career was going to involve a wide variety of projects. Building a network of peers that had experience in various projects was very important. EDAM has allowed me to develop that network of contacts that I can call on for information and experience. The networking, combined with the training opportunities offered at the Forums are a valued resource for me and anyone else working in the field.

Lana Cowling-Mason

Networking and gaining a provincial perspective has been invaluable to me in my position. Being on the board and participating in projects / seminars that EDAM has been involved in has enabled me to have a wide network of individuals to call on in a wide variety of topics. Learning from my peers has been one of the biggest advantage of being an EDAM member.

Tammy Dziadek

When I arrived in Manitoba, EDAM was the best way for me to become a part of the economic development network. EDAM’s membership has a remarkable mix of experience and expertise that they are willing to share. Practical help is only a call away. The welcoming support I received and the relationships created by being a part of EDAM are invaluable to my work as an EDO. Thanks EDAM!

Marilyn Crewe

When I started my career as Economic Development Officer I was very glad to join EDAM and to be part of an invaluable network with other economic development practitioners across Manitoba. EDAM has helped me to gain greater understanding of economic development through my colleagues and fellow members. It is a great place to be part of — I would recommend it to everybody in a heartbeat.

Anna W. Mondor

Being a member of EDAM is so much fun. The organization hosts Fall Forums that are engaging and interesting. Being new to the profession, it was so helpful having a team of experienced EDO's to turn to when I needed further information about a particular subject or project. The EDAM executive and Shelley and her team make it easy to stay informed and connected.

Lesley Gaudry

New and Noteworthy

Community Edge Regional Training Sessions

The MB Community Edge Municipal Capacity Building Project is an initiative that will deliver CED capacity building training to over 300 municipal officials and community leaders across all of rural and northern Manitoba. The project will see Community Edge, Manitoba’s CED Certification Program offered in ten regional centres across the province. Sessions will be offered with two modules/day in each region.

EDAM is excited to announce Community Edge training available near you! Sessions are targeted towards Municipal Councilors and Senior Staff.


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