Current Employment Opportunities:

Rural Municipality of Whitehead – Whitehead CAO advertisement

Meridian Community Futures Corporation out of Kindersley Saskatchewan – CEO Position

Manitoba Women’s Enterprise Centre Inc. – Business Advisor

RPGA Planning District Board –RPGA GM – Job Ad June 2023

RM of Morris – Chief Administrative Officer

Rural Municipality of St Andrews – Planning and Economic Development Officer

City of Prince Albert – PD – Economic Development Manager – Dec 2022

RM of Rhineland – Chief Financial Officer

RM of Tache – Economic Development Officer – English  French

Thinking of a career in Economic Development?

Are you passionate about Economic Development? We want to help you to start your career as an Economic Development Officer in Manitoba and welcome you to our EDAM family!

Why choose a career as an Economic Development Officer (EDO)?

  • You will have a direct impact on creating local development opportunities and visible community growth
  • You will be working with the private and public sectors and building a healthy sustainable community
  • Your job will be fast paced, creative and collaborative
  • You will never be bored at your job!

Want to pursue a career as an EDO?

What skills do I need?

  • Motivated, goal-oriented person
  • Strategic thinker
  • Strategic planner
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Effective at public speaking, facilitation and making presentations
  • Ability to network with communities, economic development professionals and a wide variety of organizations and government
  • Community and business focused
  • Ability to analyze problems and seek out innovative solutions
  • Ability to prepare well thought out proposals and make recommendations

Are you interested in joining the Economic Development world?

Step 1: Attend an EDAM FORUM Conference

The Economic Developers Association of Manitoba (EDAM) hosts bi-annual forums for economic development practitioners. Learn more about the EDO profession and meet a network of over 100 economic development practitioners from all over Manitoba.

Step 2: Take EDAM Certification Training

The Economic Developers Association of Manitoba (EDAM) offers CommunityEdge, a certification program for new economic development practitioners.
make CommunityEdge the link

Step 3: Become a Member of the Economic Developers Association of Manitoba (EDAM)

Become a member of EDAM and benefit from networking with over 100 economic practitioners from across Manitoba. Learn more about careers in economic development from emails sent out as a members’ service.

Step 4: Choose the right career in Economic Development

There are several exciting, rewarding careers in the economic development field to choose from:

  • Economic Development Officer
  • Manager of local or regional economic development organizations
  • Business Development Specialist with municipalities, industry and government
  • Tourism or recreation specialist