CommunityEdge is an accredited Community Economic Development (CED) certification program, developed by EDAM to teach EDOs practical skills and strategies to help Manitoba communities build strength, stability and resilience. The program is targeted towards economic development practitioners, elected officials, administrators and community development champions such as Community Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce members. Delivered in your community by Economic Development Officers (EDOs) who are highly experienced in your region, CommunityEdge enables you to enjoy significant savings on tuition and travel while providing leading CED training that is recognized throughout Manitoba.

The program consists of 8 modules typically delivered as in-person training sessions of 3 hours duration. Certification requires completion of all 8 modules which will be offered in conjunction with EDAM annual events and forums. Upon request, the modules can also be delivered on-site to councils or community groups which may only be interested in introductory modules.

CommunityEdge is recognized and endorsed by AMM, CF MB and the Manitoba Government.

Why Become a Certified EDO?

Becoming certified will allow you to:

  • Gain the skills to help your community thrive through strategies that promote economic stability, diversification and sustainability.
  • Learn practical skills and strategies that will optimize your likelihood of success in your role.
  • Be recognized in Manitoba and enjoy greater opportunities and a competitive advantage in your job search.
  • Put plans forward with greater confidence and instill confidence in those who follow them.

CommunityEdge Modules

CommunityEdge Brochure