Yes, I am interested in hosting an EDAM training session in my community.

I understand that my community is responsible for:

  1. Arranging for a venue and any refreshments during the half-day session and covering associated costs.
  2. Providing A-V equipment (projector, screen, flip chart & markers).
  3. Issuing invitations and confirming attendees (to a maximum of 20).
  4. Advance payment of module fees ($1500 up to 15 people and $150 per person over 15 — you will be invoiced once session date is confirmed).
  5. Registering attendees online at the provided link (required in order to confirm number of handout packages, track module completion and issue certificates of recognition).

EDAM is responsible for:

  1. Booking the trainer.
  2. On-site training / facilitation of up to 20 participants at half day session.
  3. Providing copies of course modules and templates for each participant.
  4. Issuing certificates of recognition.
  5. Tracking module progress (as long as community has registered attendee online).

For more information on CommunityEdge training modules, click here.

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